The main characteristics of tires BFGoodrich Long Trail T / A Tour

BFGoodrichThe original asymmetrical tread pattern provides excellent adhesion to different types of road surface;
The new improved rubber compound enhances the performance of resistance to abrasion tires;
Good thermal stability;
Block tread pattern promotes rapid self-cleaning;
A large number of different sized tread blocks enhance driving comfort by reducing noise and easing the wheels of the car turn.

Polymer fibers in the rubber mixture of the tire BFGoodrich Long Trail T / A Tour, along with the metal cord embedded in its primary structure, enhance resistance to wear and tear of tires and an external physical impact when driving on bumpy asphalt road and the present.
Extensive channels of drainage system of tires BFGoodrich Long Trail T / A Tour provide fast drainage of the contact patch from water and various liquids.