2003 CHEVROLET SILVERADO SS2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS, So the super sport truck and a 6 and a cab. That’s the all wheel drive model all the time all wheel. The goals like a rocket. It has the Vortec high output 6 liter engine. Well I suppose one of those a nice jail cell batteries in it. It’s cost us over to rex. And that personally owned this truck for about 2 years now. So done tons of stuff to it up but all brand new tires all the around. But the factory 20 inch alloy wheels. And it puts a new rotors and pads front and back done that I’ve done a transmission service. Front diff service rear diff service.Greta tinted privacy glass in the rear. Possibly to a dual stainless magnaflow exhaust. It’s got a matching her chilled tonic cover.

interior 2003 CHEVROLET SILVERADO SSI put us smoked LED taillights on it. As well as a third bricklayer refer. It has a trailer tow package. The hidden hitch below the rear bumper. Then the feather bed rugs so it’s all carpeted velcro den. I know that cost about 500 Bucks from GM. In the Phoenix center Carabus the broadcast so it’s a 4 door. And has the both sound system. As power leather heated seats there also memory positions seats. Power windows power door locks power mirrors heated mirrors. Turning signals in the mayor’s. And also just had the driver seat repulsor with brand new leather. House put in this site can would double DIN DVD screen. Well first touch screen navigation. And of course plays movies. Tears in really bad shape. Dual airbags. Dole climate control. Their condition. And for mileage the truck now has a 226, 214 callers NAS as XM satellite radio as well. It gave you the Chevrolet Silverado SS that Colbert motors. That 3537 Couch in Lake Road And I can. Information about Headlights for CHEVROLET SILVERADO headlights see at link: http://ledgrowlightsonline.com/chevrolet-silverado/headlights.html.