2004 NISSAN TITANHello everybody visitors so A 2000-2004 Nissan Titan. And here’s Dennis bit is the owner of this. Ruled as I call it. Pagan is tell me fell as everybody else tell everybody with a. When you think about the service. Well the point came there’re always see you know they had some paint on them to dim the lights they tried the lights. To be about 2:00 hours got a nice shiny took off the pain. Looks a lot looks almost brand new. It looks like I got new headlights.

Really changes the appearance of the truck from yellow to white no there so as a US when I first got when he first called me use you sounded a little bit skeptical whether I could get it done or not didn’t show. Yeah I was I was so bad. For restoration nissan titan led headlights right yeah I was thinking about buying new ones or the restoration would work and did so. Happy. Wonderful.

Then in order to tell this Cup goes on there because you are skeptical yourself before this could have could be done or not right yeah. Yeah I would say to give you guys a call because you could do any job big or small it’s. Looks brand new I mean you as you can see the . Look great Nissan Titan led headlights. Fantastic. They understood your very much and I think.