Hyundai grandeur

Hyundai grandeurIn the lineup of the Korean automaker Hyundai Grandeur takes the place between Sonata, Elantra and Genesis. In Asian and some other markets the car is sold under the name of Azera.

At first Hyundai Grandeur appeared in 1986 and was built on the basis of Mitsubishi Debonair. The latest version of the sedan was developed in accordance with the concept of “Grand glide”, (translated as “majestic movement”), implying a higher level of comfort and luxury.

The dimensions of New Hyundai Grandeur are somewhat larger than the predecessor’s ones. Length – 4910 mm, width – 1860 mm, height – 1470 mm. The design is developed in the corporate style of Hyundai; it is called “Wind Line”, which gives Hyundai Grandeur dynamic, rapid appearance with the same headlights for Hyundai Elantra and harmony with the solidity and practicality of the business class.

The excellent ride quality of Hyundai Grandeur is achieved by a special six-speed transmission, which is a proprietary development of the company. The drive is provided only to the front wheels.