Brake pads Operation activity

Brake padsInformation how properly to select, install or what in general there are plenty of brake pads is enough available. However, for unknown reasons, the question about the peculiarities of operation of brake pads is raised rarely. But for long-term operation of the braking system of your car lapping question of brake pads must be on first place.

The right to operate of the block is not difficult. You need only follow a few simple rules that are generally found in the instructions.

Note that the lapping of pads in “sports” cars is slightly different from the lapping and the use of pads in a “civil” car. And the thing is that they are made of different materials and conditions of operation are quite different.

But in both cases, it is worth remembering that the pads need to be developed gradually, not immediately given to the winds, accelerate to the maximum and to put pressure on the brake.