2003 CHEVROLET SILVERADO SS2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS, So the super sport truck and a 6 and a cab. That’s the all wheel drive model all the time all wheel. The goals like a rocket. It has the Vortec high output 6 liter engine. Well I suppose one of those a nice jail cell batteries in it. It’s cost us over to rex. And that personally owned this truck for about 2 years now. So done tons of stuff to it up but all brand new tires all the around. But the factory 20 inch alloy wheels. And it puts a new rotors and pads front and back done that I’ve done a transmission service. Front diff service rear diff service.Greta tinted privacy glass in the rear. Possibly to a dual stainless magnaflow exhaust. It’s got a matching her chilled tonic cover.

interior 2003 CHEVROLET SILVERADO SSI put us smoked LED taillights on it. As well as a third bricklayer refer. It has a trailer tow package. The hidden hitch below the rear bumper. Then the feather bed rugs so it’s all carpeted velcro den. I know that cost about 500 Bucks from GM. In the Phoenix center Carabus the broadcast so it’s a 4 door. And has the both sound system. As power leather heated seats there also memory positions seats. Power windows power door locks power mirrors heated mirrors. Turning signals in the mayor’s. And also just had the driver seat repulsor with brand new leather. House put in this site can would double DIN DVD screen. Well first touch screen navigation. And of course plays movies. Tears in really bad shape. Dual airbags. Dole climate control. Their condition. And for mileage the truck now has a 226, 214 callers NAS as XM satellite radio as well. It gave you the Chevrolet Silverado SS that Colbert motors. That 3537 Couch in Lake Road And I can. Information about Headlights for CHEVROLET SILVERADO headlights see at link: http://ledgrowlightsonline.com/chevrolet-silverado/headlights.html.

Can the 2011 Dodge Durango tow your horse trailer, camper or boat?

I’m Here’s a question that you probably never ask yourself with the new 2011 Dodge Durango pull my 7200 pound cabin cruiser to be a club it was put there in style and comfort and the answer is surprising yes. And I got a city to honor Pombo behind me going a pretty steep hill. Some of putting. See if this bad boy. But up to help. We go. Well you can feel the weight. No problem beds towing it right up this hill. Bitter eagle comes with 2 engine choices. A 290 horsepower V6 that’s quiet and smooth and of course this both pulling V8 hemi that 660 horsepower.

2011 Dodge DurangoI obviously this is a 7 passenger vehicle what makes us different from a grand Cherokee it seems like the very sore so it is very close arm it’s obviously off the grand Cherokee platform which is a good thing on that vehicle doing extremely well for us. These the wheelbase increase 5 inches. So we end up having more fun than the old Durango in the second row. Same room in the third row. Starting at about 30000 the new during a comes in a bevy of different models but if you want this cushy, and top the line Citadelle with ventilated seats rain sensing wipers carbon powered education you know well that will cost you at least $40000. Also, good lights and 2002 Dodge Durango headlights, such as for the 2011 model year.

What impressed me the most was just how well the Durango handles wrapping my fingers around the thick leather, steering wheel a because war, was the pinion European sedan instead of an American SUV ntfc rancher is about confidence Comfort. The Dodge more about agility and handling the more active sporty lifestyle more active in sports correct it’s gotten a little more is gonna farmers. It’s more about the driving. And of course the biggest difference between the grand Cherokee, is a Durango, is that the Durango seats 7 as much driving partner Tom folk found out.

I was back there I’m actually perfectly fine I’m 5 foot 9 wish, had the shop for my peace. Time I’m sure you’ve got a great shot to your piece like for instance this shot of the during those new rear seat headrest. As part of the safety security though Soviet like phonics which is for all the driver has. And the head rest go down now you have purpose visibility out help. So yes your friends the art club will be impressed by the new Durango but more importantly I think you’ll be impressed by the during those fit and finish.

Hyundai grandeur

Hyundai grandeurIn the lineup of the Korean automaker Hyundai Grandeur takes the place between Sonata, Elantra and Genesis. In Asian and some other markets the car is sold under the name of Azera.

At first Hyundai Grandeur appeared in 1986 and was built on the basis of Mitsubishi Debonair. The latest version of the sedan was developed in accordance with the concept of “Grand glide”, (translated as “majestic movement”), implying a higher level of comfort and luxury.

The dimensions of New Hyundai Grandeur are somewhat larger than the predecessor’s ones. Length – 4910 mm, width – 1860 mm, height – 1470 mm. The design is developed in the corporate style of Hyundai; it is called “Wind Line”, which gives Hyundai Grandeur dynamic, rapid appearance with the same headlights for Hyundai Elantra and harmony with the solidity and practicality of the business class.

The excellent ride quality of Hyundai Grandeur is achieved by a special six-speed transmission, which is a proprietary development of the company. The drive is provided only to the front wheels.